Question Need an Urgent Help


Problem Statement:
When maintaining rules in configurator, session dies with error
"SessionPool: NoAvailableSessionsRequest falure: Max client connections
has been reached (7251). Then other users on the system begin getting the
same error message and kicked off the system.
We have increased the maxClientInstance from 512 to 1024 and then to 2048,
which appears to have resolved the issue.
Management and support are asking why updating rules in the Configurator
is using so many session?

Utkarsh Rastogi

New Member

It could be due to the code has bad transactions scope, you can monitor those. Also please check whether the request are getting released. In such scenarios, the application code can be updated to limit the transaction scope.

If you can get the code to analyse. Please monitor the records locking when the code gets executed and also if there are any locks.

In some cases the maxclientinstance value is being limited by resources on the machine. So you can't always rely on the increasing values.