Multiple module Object Group assign


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Is there a way of assigning multiple modules to a specific Object Group using a .csv file to input the list of required modules, or would there be any other way of doing this rather than selecting one module at a time and editing the Object Group?

Current version of RoundTable we're using is 10.1C04.

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Perhaps I am misunderstanding your question.

Each Object has a group and each Object belongs to a Module. So, an Object Group is essentially a child of a Module which means that Modules cannot be assigned to Groups.

Although directly editing the data is not recommended, you can set the Object Group by modifying rtb_object.obj-group. You could easily query all the Objects for a particular Module and set the group as needed. Editing the data directly beyond something simple like this could render your repo database unsupportable so proceed with caution.


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Maybe its the way our RoundTable is set up. I'll try and give an example of what I mean.

A workspace module usually has the following:

Group Object Type Product Module Version Status Share

However if we want to add a module a Group we have to go to File --> Edit Object Group and then type in the Group we want..
I'm trying to find out if theres a way to assign an Object Group to multiple modules in one go...