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Question Mobile App License Overview


Can any one give a Licensing Overview of a Mobile App.

We have developed a Mobile App in Sencha and Progress as backend (REST calls) . We build a Apk file and installing it in the devices.

We want to make sure that number users suing the app should not exceed the number of license bought.

Depends on your licensing model and the types of users.

We have around 40k infrequent users (Couple of hours a day tops) and license the access agents based on our user count.
We would like to know the user count is taking from which table of the DB? Usually for the desktop application we use the code
FOR EACH _Connect NO-LOCK WHERE _Connect-Usr NE ?
(_Connect-Type EQ "REMC" OR _Connect-Type EQ "SELF" or _Connect-Type EQ "0" )
BREAK BY _Connect-Usr:

Will this wok for the Mobile App? We noticed even so many devices are ON, still the entry in _connect is only one. Or do we need to handle separate Session Parameter entries in the database ? Please give some basic documentation so the we can refer.


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There is no table or log that will give you an accurate user count. For starters, there are 4 different types of user -- named, registered client, concurrent, and access agent. Access Agent can only be used for users which are not individually identified and use the system less than 2 hours per week. Concurrent users are only possible if they are retained from a V9 license which is upgraded. Note that with Named User, one person can have multiple sessions active from a single device and this counts as multiple connections, but only one user for licensing purposes. This also applies to concurrent users. With Registered Client, multiple different peopl can use a single device and that counts as one user ... think shop terminal shared by multiple people.
This would probably be best discussed with your progress representative.

You wouldn't come under a strict user model if you were connection pooling via some sort of Rest Application server.


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