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Missing .lk Files

I have an issue where the .lk files go missing. This happens for any of the databases, and at any time of day. To this point, I can't determine why. I am looking for any information that might help me solve this problem.

the error is:
Time: BROKER 0: Registry error 1723: Could not register 'ASKO' events with the Event Viewer. (5179)
Time: BROKER 0: i:\syteline.dbp\ASKO.lk is missing, shutting down... (4195)


Rob Fitzpatrick

ProgressTalk.com Sponsor
Something or someone is deleting the database lock file. That is Bad. It not only shuts down the database, it can cause database corruption.

For starters, look at who has logical access to the database server, what automation runs on it (e.g. commands or batch files run as scheduled tasks), who has permissions to access the database directories, and whether there is any sharing of directories via SMB.

Are the screenshots in some way related to this problem? I don't know what to make of them.


ProgressTalk.com Moderator
Staff member
The i:\ in the log you gave suggests to me this is Windows. It's very hard to remove the .lk file in Windows when the database is running. What else is happening at the time of the crashes? Is this a virtualised environment? If so, what's happening on the host at this time?
I will try to answer all of the questions that were asked.

The server is running Windows NT. please do not judge. we would be off this platform if it was up to me, but it is not. we are running SyteLine 2, which will only run on NT, nothing higher, at least that's what we have been told. the Progress version is 8.3e.

I am the only user with access to the server, and I am not deleting the files. the missing .lk files happen a different times of the day and on different databases. there are a number of scheduled tasks, but most of the time they run without issue. they only crash if the .lk file goes missing. the screen shots are a mistake, they can be ignored.

this is a Windows environment, and it is virtualized. I would have to check to see what is happening on the host, but with all the different times and databases crashing, there is no common thread to follow.

this issue started in July. In late June I added extents to one of the databases, we have around 8 of them. When the .lk file goes missing, it can go missing for any one of the 8 databases, it is not the same one each time.

I will also check resources, but I have not noticed any issues with that.

to this point I have not tried much. I talked to tech support with Infor, I did not get much from them. I removed some of the scheduled tasks and I have the background queues shutdown after they run each night.

thanks for any help.


ProgressTalk.com Moderator
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Ouch. I do not envy you any of that. It's a recipe for disaster. It really boggles my mind that vendors can be that bad at upgrading their customers to supported versions of software.