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Migration Progress To Oracle.

Hi All.

We are planning to migrate our progress databases to oracle database.

Progress 9.1e is Enterprise Database.

Progress Version : 9.1e
Oracle Version migrating : 10g
Progress OS : Aix 5.3
Oracel OS : Aix 7.3
Progress licenses : Enterprise
And also we dont have any Oracle data server.
Application size: 88GB

Can anybody share me the documents or details for migrating progress to 0racle.

And also any prerequisite setup need to be done for Source and destination server.


It is exceedingly rare for a Progress database to exist outside the context of an application. So that raises the question of what are you hoping to do with the application itself? Especially since you don't seem to think that an Oracle DS is needed.

FWIW I see people hatch these plans a couple of times a year. They all eventually fizzle because they haven't really thought it through and the supposedly "obvious" reasoning turns out to be BS.


Active Member
Triggers if needed would have to be written for Oracle, but the rest of the schema translates over fairly simply.
The data can be exported and then loaded into Oracle via ascii dump, or you can attach Oracle to Progress and pull the data over via SQL - well you can do this with Oracle 11g and OE 10.2B. Never tried with the versions you currently have.
I think you would need a 4gl dev license, but someone might know a way to do this without.