Question Magento Integration

Good evening everyone.
Sorry for my English, not very good.
I need help, I'm developing an integration with the Magento framework.
I've done some Soap integrations using Proenv, but I'm having a hard time because by mapping the WSDl, it does not generate the documentation of the methods.
Below an example with PHP, I need to convert to progress.

$client = new SoapClient(' '); // Loads the API

$session = $client->login('usuarioenviadoanteriormente', 'chaveenviadaanteriormente'); // Log in and save it to a variable;

$result = $client->call( // all calls to the API will be using the call method on the client
$session, // variable with the authentication that was made in the previous step
'product_stock.update', // Action you want to perform --- list all actions on the documentation link
array( //// within this array would be the parameters passed to the method

Method documentation link: cataloginventory_stock_item:

how would I get this example in progress, since I have to pass an Array to the method?


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Is this still a problem for you?