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Question Linked Server Sql - Get Sequence Value

Hi all

We have an external program that inserts data into one of our progress database. They have set up linked server within Microsoft sql-server. Today we can connect and insert records into the progress database (10.2b).

But we would like to take use of a sequence that is defined in our database. How must we write the sql to get next value on a sequence to work ?

We have tried db.pub.seqname.netxval without any luck. (Note that we are doing this from our .NET solution using normal odbc and it works fine there.

SET @VismaInvoiceNr = (Select VismaInvoiceNR from ...)

Insert sDB.sDB.pub.invoice([SequenceNr],[VismaInvoiceNr])
values (pub.VismaInvoiceSequence.NEXTVAL, @VismaInvoiceNr)