Limit User connection


I would like to know whether we can limit user connections to database.
We had defined 1000 connections can be made.
Database version is old & ancient 9.1e
And also we are using mfg/pro application 8.6d version.

Is there any way we can limit a particular user connections on database?
If you are on UNIX yo can modify the ".profile" and limit the user connections.
COUNT=`who | grep ${LOGNAME} | wc -l`
if test
     [ $COUNT -gt 4 ]

      echo " "
      echo "          You have 4 open sessions"
      echo ""
      echo "          Close one and try again"
      sleep 6
              exit 1
You can limit the total number of connections with -n.

There is no built-in capability to limit connections for a particular user.

Many mfg/pro sites have a single "user" named "mfg" that all connections use.