Licensing for batch jobs


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I have a question, to be prepared for one of these audits :)

Assume a system where some users have an application with AppServer.
Let's say User1, User2 and 3 are working on there PCs.
They have AppServer, but for some (historical) reasons Print Jobs and scheduled jobs are running as batch on server.

So the three above start print jobs via the jobserver on the DB server.

My understanding was, that the batch jobs are part of the server license - as long as they are not used for 'real time' data exchange, then they are devices.

But the Progress OpenEdge 12.2 End User License Agreement: Progress OpenEdge 12.0 EULA - Progress
says...A Named User may not be designated concurrently on different computers ...

Does that mean, that I need to license for any named user a second license for batch jobs?
And if yes, it is a way out to get one named user for all the batch jobs?

Any thoughts, links or experince :)


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Meanwhile I found the answer. Some years ago, the license policies have changed:
Today a batch job working for a user is a different user.

Solutions may be:
- Run limited users on back end (e.g. 3 user for 100 front end users)
- Run jobs on AppServer
- Run jobs locally in background