Language codes in Internet Explorer

Ram Prashanth

New Member
In my application i am using browser's language code to translate the application, the code is working fine in chrome and firefox browsers but when it comes to internet explorer it is not working properly, the reason for which is for norwegian language the language codes in chrome and firefox are "NO" but internet explorer does not have that language code.
Any suggestions as to how i should proceed?

This is the code i am using:

if cBrowserLanguage = "" then do:
cBrowserLanguage = html-encode(get-cgi("HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE")).
message "cBrowserLanguage1= " cBrowserLanguage.
if num-entries(cBrowserLanguage) > 0 then do:
cBrowserLanguage = entry(1,cBrowserLanguage).
message "cBrowserLanguage2= " cBrowserLanguage.

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
IE was two browsers ago in Windows. It was superseded by Edge, which in turn is being replaced by the Chromium-based Edge which, from a developer perspective, should work the same as Chrome. It's hard to imagine that it's worth doing any special-case development for IE.