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Comment Is Progress The New Samsung, Hp & Co?


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Many owning an Android smart phone from Samsung & Co or a Windows notebook from HP or the like might have had the experience: Bloatware which can not be uninstalled easily and cleanly or one even being prevented from doing so.

In comes the OpenEdge 11.6 OEDK Premier edition.

We "upgraded" our development license to the latest and greatest OEDK. Since the Premier edition is sufficient for us we deliberately went for it. Installing it I noticed that you get automatically installed the Telerik UI for WinForms in a trial version and there is nothing you can do to prevent it from being installed. IMHO, that's bloatware.

Are we still talking about commercial software for the Enterprise or are we already in the consumer space where almost everything comes with additional adds and/or bloatware?

If the installation would give an option to unselect the trial then I wouldn't bother at all.


ProgressTalk.com Moderator
Staff member
The whole Progress install is bloatware. Why do I need to install everything for a DB environment just to run client/server for example? The installer is the same no matter what licenses you select.
I believe though, that packaging up custom installs, and allowin gyou to exclude the stuff you don't need, is part of the roadmap for 12. Hopefully Telerik demos will be included in these options.