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Installing ODBC Driver for Open Edge 10.2

Good morning,

I tried to install the DataDirect ODBC Driver however I am getting the error in the image. I have already shutdown the AdminServer.


Is there something else that I must stop?


Rob Fitzpatrick

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This looks like an issue I've encountered in the past. It is documented in KB article P161977. The public KB article isn't as up-to-date as the partner version, so I'll excerpt it here.

Windows 10.2B Licence Update will not proceed due to files in use.
Windows 10.2B Add Components will not proceed due to files in use.
Cannot add components to recently installed 10.2B OpenEdge.

Clarifying info:
All processes associated with OpenEdge are shutdown/stopped.


A workaround has been found.

The current icon properties for the license update and add components are shipped with the following standard command lines respectively:
<path to the installation directory>\setup.exe -u
<path to the installation directory>\setup.exe -addcomp

Remove the hyphens in the commands to correct the problem.
<path to the installation directory>\setup.exe u
<path to the installation directory>\setup.exe addcomp
Thanks, this was exactly what I was needing.
Spoke too soon, it just got me one stage further.

Even though I ticked the ODBC driver option under "Developer Data Source Options", I then got an error mentioning "fathom" and it told me there was not enough disk space (incorrectly). At the end of all this, unsurprisingly the drivers didn't appear in either 32 or 64 bit data sources.
If I go through the process again, the option is now missing. The registry entries are missing and the drivers files in DLC\bin are also not there.

I then uninstalled OE totally. Rebooted, and went through the full OE studio setup again. I selected the odbc drives during initial installation this time, and also get nowhere. (annoyingly even though I didn't specify Webspeed, it was adamant it needed a web server).

So, still no odbc. Then I tried installing from the 102b_sqlclientaccess_nt download. This asks the same questions as a full install and falls over when it gets to asking about languages.

I have tried three computers now with same results, including a clean windows 7 sp1 install.

All I want is the database engine, procedure editor, the compiler tool and the odbc drivers. How hard should this be?! Does anyone ever TEST the installer?!

IN desperation I am now about to attempt a FULL OE install and will report back.



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AFAIK, it is expected behavior that the ODBC/JDBC drivers are only installed when you do a "full" installation.

Heavy Regards, RealHeavyDude.