Imported files from progress to Sql/MySql cant use cridentials?


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Our company serves the medical industry with services from hospital management, hospital stock, practise managent, pharmacy stock etc. As well as a wellness module. Currently only patients in Hospital or clinics assessments can be done. The client requested a stand-alone app where nurses can go out in the hostels to do assessments. Currently it is done on paper, and the captured at the hospital.

I was instructed to do a stand-alone app to serve this purpose. Due to permissions,NOT all nurses/members using the system is allowed to see HIV statusses of patients.

Well, i created a MySql db, and a datadump from progress Unix database.

App is written in C#, with a MySql database. Now, in order to Implement the security, i need to validate the Progress Password. We Use the encopde function to generate the encoded password, wondering now if there is someone from Progress that has got the algorithm/function i can implement in MySql, or a DLL i can reference in C# in order to compare the Passwords?