Question how we trace users activity in Webspeed broker ??


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We have 5 webspeed brokers.

how we know that the webspeed broker is in use or not? . How we know that particular web speed broker are in use mean User intervention. will it reflect on Log file broker.lg or server .log?.suppose for example user fetching some records while fetching anything reflect on log file that we know that this particular broker in use or not please help me tom.

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If it were me I would install ProTop and add the appropriate wtbman details to etc/appsrv.cfg I would then use the "@" display screen to see what is going on with webspeed brokers in real time.

ProTop Monitoring and Alerting Service
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You could also open the OEM screen that displays all your brokers and the current state.

Then press refresh a few times until you see all brokers change state.

- Disclaimer.

This screen/tool will probably misinform you about almost everything it displays.