How to use smartstatic objects with teleriks controls.


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Hi All,

I want to design a static smartwindow having smartviewer and telerik RadGridView and RadTreeview in it. Can someone please help me out with any ideas or references to implement have both ADM objects and telerik controls in same container.


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Others are more experienced and may well have ideas, but I think you're barking up the wrong tree here. ADM is a Progress framework. Telerik controls are .Net. In order to display Progress and Telerik on the same form you'd have to embed the Progress stuff in a Form, but I don't think you can easily embed the ADM stuff. I could be wrong.
In all honesty though, it sounds like you're trying to modernise an app by taking short cuts and that will lead to long term pain!

By the way, the company I work for, as well as others represented here, have a lot of experience of modernising ADM apps from the ground up. You may be well advised to look for some consultancy before continuing.