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How To Start The Same Program Multiple Times With Different Parameters Without Waiting For The First


We have program a.p which goes into a loop, does some stuff, and starts another .p (b.p) then does another iteration of the loop.

How can we tell it to start the b.p program but not wait for b.p to finish before going forward.

We want a.p to start b.p up to 6 times so that they are all running at the same time.
As the AVM is not multi-threaded, the only possibilities I see is:
1. os-command silent no-wait prowin32.exe -p b.p (but performance will suffer)
2. use an appserver, and connect to it from a.p then run b.p asynchronously on it - maybe use various partitions.
3. I just got my hands on PASOE, may be there would be a solution there also, but did not test enough yet.


ProgressTalk.com Moderator
Staff member
AppServer is certainly the way to go here, whether classic or PASOE is up to your version of progress and licensing.