Question How To Run Qad .net Client On Oer Server

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Hello All,

We have one live server and one OER server and this OER server has been created by syncing required QAD and progress files from live to OER. Once live server goes down, we shut down OER server and run it as replication source. After doing so, CHUI (putty client) works fine on OER server with latest transactions of live server but we are unable to start QAD .NET client. For starting QAD .NET client, I thing we need to update hostname in OER server because once we sync files then OER hostname should have updated with live hostname.

Kindly let me know that which all files we need to update on OER server for starting QAD .NET client OR we should follow some other approach for the same.


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You've got a thread open for this already in the DBA thread. The advice there is to contact QAD. I'll close this one to keep everything in one place.
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