How to make a form in progress chui?

I am new to progress and I was making a form which reads the inputs from user in procedure. I have attached a sample output but that is not the perfect in its formatting can anyone help me?


Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Welcome to ProgressTalk! In the documentation, look for the FORM statement.

As you can see in your example, you have labels above the horizontal line and values below it; this is the default behaviour in a DISPLAY statement. If you don't want the labels displayed at all, you can use the NO-LABELS option. There is also a SIDE-LABELS option if you prefer that look.

It might help us to help you if you posted a text file where you mock up the form you want to create and then we could help you with the commands to achieve that.
Also... your post title says “ChUI” but that is a prowin32.exe window not _proges.exe

ChUI code tends to look extra ugly when run by the GUI executables.