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Comment How fast is your internet connection?

How fast is your internet connection?

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Just had my home cable internet connection upgraded this week. 15Mbps/2Mbps to 50Mbps/2Mbps. It costs me $55 NZD (approx. $47.60 USD) per month with a datacap of 80GB.

How much does your internet cost you per month?

Include the following:
  1. Cost per month
  2. Expected internet connection speed.
  3. Network type i.e. xDSL, Fiber, Cable, UFB etc.
  4. Data cap (if applicable).

  1. $55 NZD
  2. 50Mbps/2Mbps
  3. 80GB
  4. Cable connection

  1. $300 NZD
  2. 10Mbps/10Mbps
  3. 60GB
  4. Fiber

Work (Upgrade from above):

  1. $129 NZD
  2. 100Mbps/50Mbps
  3. 100GB
  4. Fiber
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Rob Fitzpatrick

ProgressTalk.com Sponsor
That's a good deal. I'm getting about 130 down/10 up (according to SpeedTest), but paying more than that.

Mind you, I wouldn't be surprised at all if ISPs optimize for sites like SpeedTest so you think their service is better than it is.
That is what happens when you wave a truckload of money under the sales guys nose.

It took quite a few "pretend I'm Warren Buffet..." phone calls to find someone who would take the money off my hands and even give me quotes to get something other than DSL :(