Greg Higgins


Many of us first came to know Greg Higgins as the force behind PEG, the Progress Email Group. Greg took over the mailing list in 1992 and nurtured it to be the vibrant center of the Progress community. For nearly 25 years PEG was *the* place to go to ask questions and quickly get answers about everything related to Progress.

In-person, Greg's out-going and boisterous personality always made him easy to find and he was never shy about sharing his opinions! Many a late night was spent at user conferences debating the finer points of programming and architecture in much the same spirit as PEG's many online "spirited discussions".

Whether online or face to face, Greg was always at his happiest sharing his knowledge and teaching others how to take advantage of the technology that we all shared. Through these exchanges, we all broadened our knowledge and fostered a sense of camaraderie within our community.

Thank you Greg. We wouldn't be here without you.

Greg's daughter Emily shared the following:

Early morning on Friday, May 26, 2023 Greg Higgins, our dad and our mother's husband of 40+ years, passed away. We don't have too many details at this time regarding his death. What I can say is that it was very unexpected, but it seems he went peacefully.

Our father was an intelligent, passionate, and wonderful person. He, alongside our mom, raised us to accept those as they are & identify and that our ability was only limited by our own drive. He loved his family fiercely and would go to the ends of the Earth for them if asked.

We hope that everyone will respect our privacy during this time as we arrange his memorial service for our family. In lieu of flowers or other gifts, you can make a donation in his name to NMNWSE, an organization supporting New Mexican women in STEM. Thank you.

So sad to hear that. I always enjoyed the PEG and not only the discussions there, but also the lasting friendships (and future wife) that I interacted with there. He was really a pioneer in how a forum should operate and a good man to boot.
I didn't know Greg personally, but I've been around Progress for long enough to know he was one of the leading lights of the technology in the community and always providing useful insight, guidance and help to many people for many years.

RIP Greg and thanks for everything.
It is a very sad new. I knew Greg when I went to Progress users Conference in the 90´ . He was one of many that "bear" my English and welcome me.
RIP Greg and thanks for everything.