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Question Fork Issues On Openedge 11.6

Hi Folks,

Does anyone face fork issues on Linux/Unix Environment after upgrading applications to 11.6 ?

Appreciate help on this .

Thanks & Regards,


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Well, you seem to managed to fork the post anyway ...

You might try being a wee bit more descriptive about what your problem is so that we have at least the slightest clue.
Apologies for forking details in the previous thread

Our application is CHUI Application hosted on Solaris server. We recently upgraded our application from 10.1C to 11.6.

Screens are crashing with a below-mentioned error after application upgrade to 11.6

SYSTEM ERROR: Too many sub-processes, cannot fork. Errno=12. (358)

Thanks & Regards,


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You exceeded the kernel parameters Maximum Number of Processes (NPROC) or System Swap Space (NSWAP). If this problem persist and occurs when your system resources are very busy, make the appropriate kernel changes and monitor the problem. If the problem continues to persist, contact your dealer, your country's PROGRESS subsidiary, or Progress Software Technical Support.
What are you kernel parameters current;y set to?