Question Experience With Data Protector

I 'm looking for people with experience of data protector
Data Protector is a plugin to write Progress backup directly to TSM .

All I can find is the supplier documentation


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i have not heard of data protector and i don't know that tsm can backup progress database(s) directly.

but you ca backup your database(s) to directories and files, that tsm can backup.

the progress standard libraries opensource project at the has a backup system with some of the following features -

- performs a weekly full backup and incremental daily backups.

- supports afte rimaging.

- archives the backups (and ai backups) in zip files, in weekly directories for a specified number of weeks back.

- log files and email notifications.

- restore tool to any point in time from the archive.

btw the progress standard libraries also includes an svn plugin to the old chui editor (incase you are using it) to backup your programs as well as your data.
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