Error Error with ODBC - Date Field


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Hi ,
I am importing Data using ProgressDB openedge ODBC connection in a Data App(.NET).

I am using a simple SQL query below

select "Date" from PUB.Table

Throws the following error:( Ex: If total records are 1000 , throws error at 450 th record) .

ERROR [HY000] [DataDirect][ODBC Progress OpenEdge Wire Protocol driver][OPENEDGE]Invalid date value (7496).

Please suggest how to resolve this.


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I have rarely had to access data via ODBC or SQL so do not know the cause, but wonder if the date for that particular record is being stored incorrectly. Are you able to read records using ABL code and if so and the value is an invalid date value can you correct the value?

If not, does using the functions outlined here solve?: