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Eclipse Consulting, Inc. is looking for a qualified individual to join our team of Manufacturing & ERP Consultants in a junior support role; specifically we require a resource with at least two years of use on a PROGRESS-based ERP system, preferably with an IT focus. You must have experience working in a manufacturing environment.

We offer either salary or contract positions, based upon personal preference.

Your verifiable references should speak very highly of your customer-service attitude and high level of technical competence.

This current need can be based remotely, with the occasional travel required. The desired candidate will preferably reside in the Eastern Time Zone and be able to articulate the English language with proficiency.

We have a highly-talented staff for you to join and enhance and be supported by, while helping our clients understand and troubleshoot their systems either through help with usage, or through technical investigation.

We are looking for folks who enjoy helping companies achieve more from their systems, processes and people. While you must be sharp on a technical level, you must also possess real-world business acumen and hands-on knowledge of manufacturing and a known PROGRESS-based ERP package. If you are a problem-solver and more tenacious than anyone you know - we invite you to contact us today!

Our team has been working with Progress, VB, SQL, Crystal Reports, MFG/Pro, Syteline and predecessors (Symix/Syman) for two decades while continually improving our skills and always staying ahead of the curve to put our clients’ needs first.

Key skills for this position are:
Good ERP exposure

Manufacturing business knowledge and understanding
Light PROGRESS programming or analysis experience (preferred)

DBA exposure/experience (preferred)
Minimum 2 years corporate experience

If you are currently on the market and open for new assignments - and would like to join a supportive and helpful team, instead of ‘going it on your own’ - feel free to send a confidential inquiry or resume to us at

Very Best Regards,
Eclipse Consulting, Inc.

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