Question encrypt the source code (.p file) of the progress openedge database


Hi all,

I want to encrypt the source code (.p file) of the progress openedge database.
Do you have any ways to encrypt these source files?
Please advise me.

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Managing ABL Applications manual
Deployment Considerations
Choosing a Code Format
Encrypted Source

Ideally, you should not be deploying your application as source, encrypted or otherwise. You should have an internal build pipeline that builds your application's deployment package containing object code, however you choose to package its components (e.g. r-code, .pl, .war, .oear).

If you decide you're going to use encrypted source anyway, think about how you're going to decrypt it to do compiles and how you're going to protect the key. You can instead use the default key with xcode but I wouldn't recommend it.