Editing w-code in Developer Studio


Hi all,

* v11.6 on Windows *

I've been using Progress's Eclipse-based offering for many years but - having worked on OERA / web service projects with no Progress UI until now - I have only recently started to edit .w files in that environment. It's a bit laborious compared to the original AppBuilder, but I have settled into a way of working where I have the file open in the UI Designer in one tab, and the same file open in the ABL editor in another tab. I flip between them depending on whether I'm setting properties / adding procedures / adding widgets / whatever.

My question is, would that be considered a a good way to do it? It has soiled itself from time to time - for example, the UI Designer window has gone blank and it has taken offence at me saving from the ABL editor when I've also had the UI Designer open. Generally speaking though, it's reasonably well-behaved... I just wonder if the accepted wisdom is that the AppBuilder is still best for this kind of development...



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Definitely best off using developer studio like you say. And if you get to 11.7 then I believe they've made some fixes to some of the common bugs in 11.6 but I could be wrong. I do remember they made some integration improvements at some stage though.