Edit HTML objects from Roundtable


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We are using Roundtable to store html, and we went to plug it all in nicely to our HTML editor (HTMLPad2010). I can see the Code SubTypes that i can specify and Edit program, and I can also see that it can be set to the rtb_open.p hook. I have had a quick play, and i can get it to fire the objects into HTMLPad when you double click, but I cant get it to trigger the return when you close down HTMLPad, so it brings up the dialog etc.

Has anyone got any similar integration working?




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In a previous life we had a similar problem with Crystal files. We didn't find a solution. :(

When the object is edited outside of the Progress session in another editor, we do not have a way of knowing that the window closed so we cannot unlock the object or pop-up the version notes prompt.