Detecting Unused Code


Progress: 10.2b SP7
OpenEdge Architect: 3.4.2.R342_v20090122-9I96EiWElHi8lheoJKJIvhM3JfVsYbRrgVIWL
OpenEdge OS: Windows 7 Professional 2009 SP1

Are there any utilities that can detect unused OpenEdge code? We have a lot of legacy code mixed in with currently used code, and separating the two could be useful.
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With OE11 the compiler issues a warning when it encouters dead code:
WARNING: Executable statement at line 228 of file xyz.p will not be reached. (15090)

Other than that, nope.

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Are you looking for complete .p/.w that aren't referenced at all? That might be achievable, but not that easily. Detecting if internal procedures/functions are used or not would be a logistical nightmare.

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Gilles Querret of Riverside Software is working on some tools which were discussed in talks at PUG Challenge Americas and somewhat in more detail at PUG Challenge EMEA. I believe that includes code coverage of some form.