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Look at ProBuddy from zxsystems. I use it every day and it's one of the best viewers for a Progress database.
Just go to www.zxsystems.com and download the zip-file.
It's freeware :D and written in Progress.

Try this

I have yet to find a DB viewer better than the one myself and a former colleague wrote between us several years ago. It produces a view of the database which you can navigate in any web browser. I attach a copy for you to play with.

Firstly, edit dbview.p with the directories you want to use, you will probably need to change c$dblist and c$html-root. Then, connect to any database with a logical name of html and then compile the three .p files, htmlscript.p, _dbconnect.p and dbview.p. Then, edit dbview.inf and put in the connection parameters for the databases you wish to produce views for.

Run dbview.p and hey presto, you should have a whole load of html files sitting in the directory you specified. Open up index.htm and get exploring!

I usually have this set up to run automatically either daily or hourly depending on how often database changes happen, and have a link on my desktop to the aforementioned index.htm.

Oh yes, and it produces a log file in the working directory, so it will need write access to this - or you could just move the log file i suppose.

Any problems, drop me a message and i'll try to help you out

p.s. Any it should work ok on unix too!


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it shows me all data i have in my database or only the structure of tables this DB viewer ? and how to cofigure it propely d'ost work for me.
Looks like it shows the structure only. The instructions in the post above seem detailed enough. But this is a post from 2002, so who knows whether the app will work with modern Progress versions or not. I don't think the author is working in OpenEdge anymore either.
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