Database Disconnection



We have:
- Progress 11.5.
- Windows server 2012 Standard
- 5 databases.
- Systems made Progress client/server working since 17 years (with upgrades).

Since the last week users are disconnected from databases after 2 (+-) hours of connection.
I suppose, the server administrator is doing bad his job, but he says he don´t made any change.

This is the database log:
[2019/05/24@21:53:05.848-0500] P-7680 T-2860 I SRV 1: (794) Usuario número 24 terminado anormalmente.
[2019/05/24@21:53:05.848-0500] P-7680 T-2860 I SRV 1: (739) Desconectandose num-usuario 24, id-usuario sgonzalezr, en 1139GORS01

Any idea?
Or how can I change timeouts for database connectios in Windows server?

Thanks a lot.

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
This could be an external problem, e.g. a new or reconfigured firewall between the clients and the server, that is terminating connections after two hours.