color change xml


color change xml file
<keyboard key-label="ESC" shift-key="false" ctrl-key="false" alt-key="false" key-value="{ESC}" layer="5" row="1" pos="1">
   [U][B] <image-up/>
how can I change the color under an xml file ???[/code]
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Cringer Moderator
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XML has no concept of colours. So it must be the application that uses this XML document that defines how you change colours. Without knowing that application, or any context of your system we will not be able to help you.

Cringer Moderator
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I'm afraid I'm still none the wiser. Where is the XML from? What does it have to do with the ABL code you posted?

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Is your question about enabling syntax colouring of the XML elements in the editor that displays the XML, as opposed to the content of the XML itself? A more thorough explanation (i.e. multiple complete sentences) of what you are trying to achieve would be helpful.