Change Window Title by include


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it is possible to change the window Title by include?

Do you have any sample?


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Why do you think an include would make any difference to the window title? As an include is used at compile time how would it work?


You could certainly put the code to do so in an include file. So the direct answer to your question is "yes".

But writing new include files in 2020 is a really bad approach. Actually it has been a really bad approach since about 1990.

As for having any sample...

Problem #1... what environment are you wanting to do this for? Sure, everyone may jump to the conclusion that it is "obviously" GUI and Windows but that is not actually obvious and it is very possible to change window titles on other platforms. The version of Progress that you are using is also very relevant.


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I talked in an include, but i open to another suggestions.

We have GUI, Windows with OE 11.6.4.

The idea is to add "automatically" some info to title Window. A Global Way...

If you have any code/idea please share.