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So we are on 11.7 and have reverted production back to webspeed due to some PAS issues. (Locking agents not releasing connections).

Webspeed is fine but we are sorely missing the performance increases PAS gave us.

A request via PAS would take 100ms, but via webspeed it takes 500ms.

We are currently using the cgiip.exe and i was wondering why anyone would use this over the dll.

Progress KB - What are the differences between wsisa.dll and cgiip.exe?

kb article explains the exe may be more reliable for heavy loads of data, but doesn't explain why. Can anyone enlighten/debunk this?

We send rather large amounts of data on occasion but mostly under 5kb.


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The short version is... the CGI interface is pretty simple and rock solid. The WSISA interface is a little more buggy and had (maybe still has) memory leaks.

I would spend more time looking into the startup/code/network side of things than CGI vs WSISA. I would bet there is something there that is causing most of the slowdown. Since you seem to be using IIS (ouch) there are some performance options and logs you can look at to see how much time it is actually taking on the web server side vs the OE/ABL side of the fence.


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cgiip.exe are executed in there own thread/memory space which is executed & released in each HTTP request. wsisa.dll operates in a single memory space and operates in persistently handling all HTTP requests.
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To add to what Cecil said: When the wsisa.dll has a problem you need to restart the web server whereas with cgiip.exe you probably just have to that limbo process.