Can you believe that?


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If it wouldn't be real I would think this is a bad dream ...

2 weeks ago I tried to open a support case just to find out that the maintenance for our Progress licenses has expired.


As it turns out, our vendor management has been off-shored to Mumbay (India) Q4 last year and they are still on-boarding and maintenance bills from many vendors, Progress is just one of them, have not been paid due to missing approvals as a new approval process has been introduced at the same time.


A new approval process for an existing maintenance contract?

Please don't be bothered, but, I just had to write this down to believe it and to know that this is not a bad dream ...
In the meantime I am inclined to wish for something really bad to happen to our production system which I can't fix without the help from Tech Support from Progress.

Can you believe that?

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Not a good state of affairs for an institution that should have expertise in and be fully committed to risk management. Some cost savings are a false economy.


I used to have to go through this every 18 months with a certain very large company. Every time the purchasing manager would trot out the same ridiculous excuses and I would have to go through contortions with the Progress rep to get it squared away.

In your case though I think the amazing thing is that _Progress_ noticed. It usually takes them about 6 months or so to notice that a bill hasn’t been paid.