Question Can OE DATABASE support 12,000 concurrent users


Can OE DATABASE support 12,000 concurrent users? I know it is a loaded question.
If you have unlimited resources $$$$$ and fix all the poor performance programs.

OE 11.7.6

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
IMHO, the more loaded aspect of this inquiry is proposing to do it on HP-UX. Progress has discontinued support for it.

If you have unlimited funds, I'd suggest using them to move to a platform that will be viable in the future.

That aside, I'm not aware of an architectural limit that would prevent a user count that high. Though I'm sure the management of such a system would present challenges that are outside the experience of many OE DBAs.

Cringer Moderator
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Definitely no reason not to. Yes there will be a lot of challenges. And I would suggest moving 12.2.2, and as Rob says, a supported OS before heading down that route. I can't vouch for user counts, but I do know there are some massive OE databases in the wild that, presumably, also have impressive user counts.


At that level “concurrent users” are probably remote connections or app servers.

So you probably also should be thinking about OE 12.2.2 (or better) and multi-threaded servers.

I second the motion to get away from HPUX.

The connection count is an interesting metric but you should also probably pay an awful lot of attention to the workload. How many transactions, how many reads, what does that mean in terms of demand on the OS and the hardware? Meeting those demands will almost certainly require a non-cookie cutter approach to things like storage


We are going to re platform to Linux RH next year. We merged with another company, so they hired an outside consultant to decide what ERP is best for the combine company's. I don't have a good vibe. the battle Trend VS Online Informix .


I can’t speak to application functionality but the technical capability of OpenEdge to support that kind of workload is certainly feasible.

tamhas Sponsor
It would be an interesting question to ask at Progress Communities as for the largest user count that anyone has seen.

Patrice Perrot

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This is not exactly an answer for your post but it could give you a glue
Not exactly because I am dealing with several thousands DB on our own cloud, we are using more than 20 Virtual machine.

At 10H00, this Morning on 1 VM i had :
- 542 DB start
- 12 637 users connected to thoses DB
- around 1500 _mprosrv working
(friday is a small day... )

And every things works fine...

Kind regards