Error Browse Timeout Error In Proxy Browse ( Dynamic Query)

Muthukumar S

New Member
Hi All,

A proxy browse (dynamic query) was developed to display the master data.
Main issue is, Browse time out error occurs for a single record filter in live environment, but in test env iit doesn't throws any error.

Did the analysis on below things
1) Record count - No. of records in test & live are almost same around 4500.
2) Session timeout setups are correct in both live/test.
3) Same query logic was used in report program, this works fine in both env's.

Dynamic query was written in the way of populating all the master data in temp table and applied the query in the temp-table to display in the browse.

Kindly provide any suggestions to check.

Thanks and Regards,
Muthukumar S

Ray Man

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maybe it is a complex browse which inquires multiple tables? In a live environment the other tabels can be locked nu active users or other factors which you do not have in a "test" database.


If you have 2 differents environment, you can have some differents parameters too. Search file client-session.xml ( in your test and prod environment). I think the 2 files are not the same ( ex : for timeout Browse ). Don't forget to restart your environment after each change.
Best regards.