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Bi Truncate

May be a dumb question but would like to have an explanation to my scenario so that I understand it better. Let's consider we have a source db and a hotspare db;

Scenario 1:
1. Truncate the source BI
2. Use probkup to back up the source db or use mark backedup
3. Begin AI on source DB which will in turn truncate the BI file

Scenario 2:
1. Use probkup to back up the source db or use mark backedup
2. Begin AI on source DB which will in turn truncate the BI file

If I try to switch and roll forward the AI extents to hotspare db; will there be any issue during roll forward in scenario 2 as am letting AI begin truncate the BI file of source db? There should be a delta difference in BI after backup in scenario 2 - isn't it?
Hello @catch.saravana,

As per my understanding:

There is no difference in truncating BI file by truncate command or starting AI. If we truncate BI file (scenario 1) and after that take backup then our backup doesn’t have BI logs of running transaction and in second scenario it has BI logs. There shouldn’t be any issue if we are letting AI truncate BI file of source DB, only time stamp of both source and hot spare DB should match.

I have identified the issue. Just thought of sharing with you - but I don't have a proper explanation to this right now and if anyone has please share. This is a small old app (300 GB) that is still running on 9.1E version of progress, we will be migrating this app once we are done with the current one (2 TB). Looks like there is some issue with the proutil & rfutil of 9.1E version. I was cross verifying the scripts and looks like for the below 2 activities they fall back to 9.1D version (91d08);

1. Truncate BI
2. AI Roll Forward
I'm completely lost. I cannot really follow the question, the issues or the solutions.

And given that it involves increasingly ancient, obsolete and unsupported releases I'm having trouble motivating myself to focus on it. It would have been good to mention that all of this involved 9.1 in the original post -- waiting 5 days to drop that nugget is less than helpful.
A bit unrelated to the original post, but see you are running 9.1 Progress and mention a 2TB database.

There are some storage limits for Type I storage areas, just in case you aren't aware... Search Progress support for Maximum Storage Area for Type I Storage Areas.
I think I wasn't clear about that - sorry @cj_brandt

We have 2 app's;

first app - 300 GB (running currently on 9.1E)
second app - ~2 TB (running currently on 9.1E without any issues but will be migrated to 11.6 next weekend; we have completed 3 rounds of test cycle and we are good with it)

I was facing this issue on first app.