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AMAZON WebService (AWS) and OpenEdge 10.2B Failover Clusters.


17+ years progress programming and still learning.
Hi all.

Last week I attended a seminar all about Amazon Web Services and it was very interesting. One of the features/methodology of cloud computing is to automatically start multiple instances of the same virtual machine (AMI) depending on load. Now according to Amazon representative the only databases which can handle clustering are Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MsSQL. At that very point I was curious, what about OpenEdge database?

I have already read the whitepaper about "Getting Started with Progress® OpenEdge® in the Amazon Cloud", and it does not mentioned anything about starting multiple instance of a virtual machine (However apparently there is a PDF IV document to be published).

Now my question is, is it possible to setup Clustering using OpenEdge Database 10.2B in the Amazon Cloud?

OpenEdge 10.2B licenses I have currently got:

  • OE Enterprise RDBMS
  • OE Application Svr Ent
  • Client Networking
  • 4GL Development System
Why the cloud:
  1. The geographical location & laws regarding customer data existing outside of Asia. Basically there can be some real legal problems with Malaysian customer details existing on databases within New Zealand or outside of Asia.
  2. The running cost is very appealing vs. the cost of upgrading our existing aging hardware.
  3. Scalability of hardware resources.
  4. I don't have to worry about system administration of hardware.
  5. Also We've moved to an open-plan office and our HP Proliant servers are very noisy.

Bother! I meant to put this post under the Database Admin section. Please don't get all forum nazi on my ***.
You can setup a Progress cluster for fail-over purposes.

But not for scalability. Progress lacks key features that are needed to make that possible.