Question ACTIVE-FORM:ProWinHandle

Hi everybody,

OE12.5, Win 8 &10

I have a problem with the ACTIVE-FORM system reference. It has a property "ProWinHandle", which i thought might return the handle of the embedded ABL-Window.
But I get an error when I try to reference the TITLE-attribut of this window, telling me "TITLE is not a queryable attribut for FORM (4052)".

I attached a small program to demonstrate what I try to do.

Any help is greatly appreciated !

TIA, Wolf


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Never used ProWinHandle but the documentation seems to suggest it is used for parenting ABL windows to .NET forms:

So wondered if setting the parent would solve but no joy. E.g.:

oForm:ProWinHandle:Parent = hWin.
// or
hWin:Parent = oForm:ProWinHandle.

Maybe as outlined here the handle is a "shadow" only meaning limited attributes so what you are hoping to achieve is perhaps just not possible: