ABL Dojo


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Does anyone know, is the ABL Dojo source available, or a think that could be deployed in a private instance? It seems to me that hooking it up to one's development database might be pretty useful. Not to mention it would be a great demonstration app.

Thanks in advance!
I've never heard any discussion of open-sourcing it. I wouldn't expect that to happen as long as the compiler is a commercial product.

At a high level, the Dojo is a web-based ABL scratchpad connected to a DB. You can get more or less the same functionality with the scratchpad in PDSOE.
In Developer Studio...

Window -> Show view -> Other...

Type in Scratchpad


Then you get this view open:


Make sure you select the correct AVM on the right hand drop down and then you're good to go writing simple programs that you don't need to save as .p etc.