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    Question How to block 2 users from accessing the same order code at the same time?

    I am a newbie, I have customized and compiled a program on QAD. However, I am having a problem when 2 users are using the program to access an order code at the same time. How to prevent user A from accessing the order code while user B is accessing it?
  2. M

    AP Voucher

    We are looking for a solution to automatically input CIM file for AP Voucher tests but I don't know if the module name <apvomt.p> is correct (?) and we also have some difficulties with the input file format rules... for example what character is used for Esc. I would really appreciate if...
  3. A

    True/false expression in browse

    Hello, I am trying to create a custom browse to see open locations that are single item locations. When I try to filter for locations that do not have inventory using Quantity on hand is null my search returns zero records. I was wondering if it was possible to use a calculated field for an...
  4. C

    Cant Login- error msg System Invalid Cast Exception

    I guys does anyone knows why when I try to log in , GUI, appear this error? Im in QAD 2007 EE Thanks
  5. P

    Distinct Record - QAD Browse

    I am new to QAD so need some of your help. How do you distinct records in QAD Browse Query? I have a browse that use custom table and I filter the results in query below. How do you distinct the results? xxcompd_varid = c-brparm1 AND xxcompd_domain = "A"
  6. Programmer


    I've been trying to set PuTTY up as a replacement for our company's current terminal emulator (TinyTerm) accessing an older version of MFG/PRO (7.4i). Right now we use a Wyse60 terminal type, but PuTTY is more of an XTerm. While I've gotten most things to work nicely, one thing that eludes me...
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    Question How to setup and config PDFInclude in windows server

    Hello guys. I'm newbie,I have a project auto export to PDF when running a Report Framework in QAD software. I downloaded PDFInclude 3.3.3 tool and I compiled in Character Client (CHUI) with example file code " Hello.p " but it didn't work, not create file PDF and not error message. +...
  8. M

    Question Set Statement With Editing Block (mfg/pro)

    I am using QAD-MFG/PRO in .NET windows version. I have a frame in which the fields are array elements. During the code execution, the frame is populated with the current field values in database. Hence, the scrolling function enabled for the these fields will start the scroll from current value...
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    Very Urgent Issue. Kindly Reply Asap

    We are trying to login into QADEE using a cim file. {mfdtitle.i} INPUT FROM "/Oa/users/123.cim" . OUTPUT TO "/Oa/users/iltscript.out". RUN mf.p . OUTPUT CLOSE. INPUT CLOSE. 123.cim contains the details of the users its password domain and the program to execute. "userid" "password" "domain"...
  10. N

    Not Able To Open Qad From Putty

    When i am typing the startup script the following error occurs. Unable to open or create srtjaK4TI, error 13. (354) The filename srtjaK4TI keeps on changing each time i try to login. Could any one try to help me figure out what the issue is?? i have even tried restoring the DB as well...
  11. N

    Finance Charges Imbalanced In Foreign Currency

    It looks like our Debit and Credit is zero for finance charge in USD amount (correct), but our Debit and Credit is not zero for Canadian currency. WHy this imbalance and how to correct this issue??
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    Question Opening an excel sheet using Progress code

    I want to open 3 sheets in an excel file using progress 4gl and export data into it. Currently i am generating 3 csv files which i have to mail to users. I want to generate the data in the 3 csv in a single csv or excel file with 3 sheets. Can some 1 help me out with this??
  13. S

    Question global variables in Editing block

    Hi forum, I am entangled with a strange issue. Let me start with a sample code: UPDATE var_a var_b var_c WITH FRAME A-BC EDITING: global_part = input var_a. global_loc = input var_b. END. I have a Look-up browse on var_b and the filter in look-up uses global_part and...