[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] Where can I follow what appBuilder is doing?

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I'm working with appBuilder/procedure editor, release 11.6 (not a Studio IDE).

Apparently, one of my colleagues has modified a window file (*.w) in Notepad++, compiled it and it was working fine. When I try to compile this file, there is also no problem.

However, when I try to open the file in appBuilder, I get error message 11678, followed by 12370, followed by 142, and those two last error messages keep on going on and on, it looks like an infinite loop.

I've been checking the files "compile.log", "listing.txt" (compilation listing) and "XRef.txt", but it seems that none of those files is modified while opening a file in the appBuilder.

The fact that those error messages appear, means that the appBuilder is doing something.

I'm not lookin at the solution of this particular error (11678), I'm more interested in some logging, which might enable me to follow what the appBuilder is doing, so that I can learn what the appBuilder is doing with what part of the code, so that I can solve my issue, but it seems that currently the appBuilder is not logging anything.

Does anybody know if appBuilder logging exists and in case yes, how I can enable it?

Thanks in advance

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