[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] OpenEdge SQL ODBC shows different column size than native ABL does

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J. Hochberg

I'm using the Progress OpenEdge ODBC driver (peoe27.dll v07.16.0175) to push data into an OpenEdge database. I had a situation where a user put in a string value that was 54 characters long, which got rejected during the update because it exceeded the defined column size of 50, as visible in the second image below.

The legacy system admin then sent me a screen shot showing that, as far as ABL was concerned, the width on that same column in that same table was 200 characters. (see the first image)

Anyone have an explanation? (Other than that ABL and OpenEdge ODBC are a terrible platform... :p )

Progress ABL version OpenEdge ODBC version

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