[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] Dynamic Query with MATCHES in Progress 4GL

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I have to create a query in which people can input some values or not. If they don't input them, the program will search for everything. And people can put just a part of the data of the code. My code became something like this.

cQuery = "" +
" FOR EACH table1 " +
" WHERE table1.status_ = 1 " +
" AND table1.section MATCHES " + QUOTER("*"+ pc-section + "*").

So my question. 1 - I read a lot that MATCHES uses a table scan and we should avoid it so I thought about putting MATCHES in an if variable. Is it really necessary? 2 - is the QUOTER(""+ pc-section + "") the correct way of using MATCHES in a dynamic query? My results seem wrong and I don't know if it was because of the MATCHES or if there is another problem in my code.

Sorry for any wrong ideas and thanks for your time.

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