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Jessica Malakian

Thanks to the latest update of OpenEdge 12.2.5, customers can now leverage AppBuilder for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications with OpenEdge 12.2 while modernizing their client applications.

After receiving a great amount of customer feedback, OpenEdge 12.2.5 now features the AppBuilder capability to manage your 32-bit GUI applications. The OpenEdge team discovered that 32-bit AppBuilder, a previously discontinued component of OpenEdge, can help clients who require additional time to maintain or re-develop their Windows client programs.

AppBuilder is a multi-purpose application development environment that you can use as a visual programming environment to create GUI-based client/server applications.

AppBuilder simplifies your application programming efforts by:

  • Supporting drag‑and‑drop layout of interface elements.
  • Creating the object description and initialization code on your behalf.
  • Helping to create and manage the integrating code.

This update is available for both the Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit platforms. Starting with the OpenEdge 12.2.5 Update, AppBuilder will help you receive more value from OpenEdge 12.2 by minimizing the expense of supporting legacy editions while also giving you access to all the benefits of upgrading.

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