[Progress News] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] AKIOMA Saves Development Time and Simplifies Rules with Progress Corticon.js

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Jessica Malakian

Thanks to Corticon.js, AKIOMA can successfully reach a high level of automation and low-code/no-code capabilities.

In this Success Story Spotlight, we look at AKIOMA, a global leader in low-code/no-code application development. To stay competitive in the marketplace, AKIOMA turned to Corticon.js to help design and achieve its business vision. Take a look at the full case study to learn more about AKIOMA's journey with Corticon.js.

AKIOMA wanted to go even further with its UI and UX development services. They aimed to implement the complicated business logic rules that their consumers need for smooth web experiences without the laborious, hard-coding UI logic.

Already a proud Progress customer for more than 25 years and a longtime user of Progress Corticon, AKIOMA turned to Corticon.js to create complex UI logic without any coding.

"We realized it was perfect because there was no server-involved deployment. We implemented it into the core of AKIOMA.SWAT!, our low-code/no-code development platform for complex business applications," said Mike Liewehr, founder and CEO of AKIOMA.

By adding Corticon.js, customers of AKIOMA could create highly tailored user experiences without writing a single line of code. Even better, the changes the team made wouldn't be handled by developers at all. Business analysts were able to implement and document the no-code rules in Corticon.js, dramatically streamlining the company's process.

Want to know more about the capabilities and functions of Corticon.js? Read the full case study to learn more about how Corticon.js accelerated AKIOMA to have a 98% faster command response time and 90% cut in web UI development time.

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