Progress 8.3b


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Hello my name is erik im from MX i need ur expertise, in the place where i work the IT director uses Progress 8.3b for DB Management, the only way that we found to work this is on SCO 5 and 6 there's another SO that supports this ?? thanks in advance


Progress 8.3 dates from the 90s.

There were *ports* to many different platforms - HPUX, AIX, SunOS, Windows, etc but they are not binary compatible.

As I recall the first Linux release was for 8.3e. And that required a SCO emulation package which has not been available with Linux for a very long time now.

So the binaries that you have in your hands are trapped on SCO.

In the unlikely event that the company has been paying annual maintenance for that ancient license then it should be possible to upgrade to a current release at no cost from a licensing perspective. Although you might need to pay for professional services if you lack the skills to perform the upgrade.

If you have all of the source code and the application is currently in operation then upgrading is pretty straight-forward once you have up to date licenses.

That would get you off of SCO and onto something supportable.

If this is an application that came from a vendor you *might* have all of the source code but that is difficult to determine without logging in and taking a look.