Question Open Edge Progress updates


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Can anyone advise what is the highest level of Open Edge update that can be used for Vantage version 8.03.409C
A possible fix for my error query is to upload to OE 11.5 but dont want to cause ourselves any vantage issues in doing so.


If you have all of the source code and you know how to compile it then you can upgrade to "the latest and greatest". The current "long term support" release is 12.2.12, 12.7 is the current "innovation release".

If you do not have source and cannot compile code (you only have r-code) you can still upgrade to whatever the latest release & service pack is for your major version number. For instance if you have OpenEdge 10.1b you can upgrade to 10.2b08 and still run all the same r-code without a need to recompile.


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I don't know. Which release of OpenEdge are you currently using?
We are running 10.1B which was where we were told that we needed to stay because we werent upgrading the Vantage version
I am told we ought to update to 11.5 to take advantage of new features but am anxious in case its not compatible with our vantage version 8.03409C