Question Min and Max Date range that we can enter to progress DB


Can someone tell what date range we can enter to OpenEdge DB. Is it correct it could be in the range of 01/01/1950 - 01/01/2049 ?

so if someone enters from application (mm/dd/yy format) a date of 12/20/80, then progress understands it as 1980 date instead of 2080? is that right?

Or this is not an issue with latest OpenEdge versions? Please guide me on this.


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Be aware that while date limits allow a very large range of dates. They are not really correct before the calendar was standardized .

See for example:

def var dt as date initial 9/3/1752.

   iso-date( dt ) skip
   iso-date( add-interval( dt, 1, "day" ) ) skip 
   iso-date( dt + 1 ) 
view-as alert-box.

So you can store invalid dates and add days to invalid dates to still get an invalid date.

Microsoft SQL Server "elegantly" avoids this problem by simply not allowing any dates before January 1st 1753.