Memory Violation - Appserver

Andy Whitcombe

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Morning All,

Scratching my head on something, which I have discussed with some members of our development team within our business.

In recent weeks, our client, running a traditional Appserver, under 11.7.6 on a Unix platform, has seen a number of previously unseen errors.

There has been no OpenEdge upgrades, additionally there have been no code changes in this area. I am assured that there has been no changes to the box hosting the Appserver.

The errors seen are

"Server Terminated Unexpectedly"
"Could not create Buffer Object for table N"

We have run with logging, for various combinations such as DynObjects.*, 4GL Trace, DB.Connects, Temp-tables

Which when run through leackcheck, it initially identified a few minor issues, which are now fully corrected, but haven't resolved the problem.

The error typically fails when a secondary DB is connected, and we invoke a Class for data retrieval.

DB connects log entries show the DB's are connected and disconnected as expected, and that code has remained as-is for long time.

There are 2 things that we can see in the logfiles


[22/06/16@09:22:16.539+0100] P-018251 T-2604003520 1 AS – SYSTEM ERROR: Memory violation. (49)
[22/06/16@09:22:16.539+0100] P-018251 T-2604003520 1 AS – ** ABL Debug-Alert Stack Trace **
[22/06/16@09:22:16.539+0100] P-018251 T-2604003520 1 AS – --> at line -1 (com/culturatech/gold/class/FailedFixings.r)
[22/06/16@09:22:16.539+0100] P-018251 T-2604003520 1 AS – tfmstbwmds.p at line 15838 (tfmstbwmds.r)
[22/06/16@09:22:16.539+0100] P-018251 T-2604003520 1 AS – tfmstbwmas.p at line 10653 (tfmstbwmas.r)

There is a narrative to provide a core file for analysis, but customer is not able to identify / retrieve, so perhaps being cleaned up.

Secondly there appears to be a Progress.Lang.SysError deleted by the Garbage collector and not successfully trapped by the catch blocks, depsite multiple attempts.

Deleted-by-GC  Progress.Lang.Object    Handle:6042 (XdbMapObjectId tfmstbwmds.p @ 22215) Progress.Lang.SysError

This doesn't fail in our local Development, Test, R/C or Live environments. (I ran tests to execute the code every 5 seconds for 5 hours, and not a single blip)

I am hoping someone is going to have the lightbulb moment, my brain has missed... fingers crossed. These things where nothing obvious has been changed, can often consume many hours finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Any help is definitely most welcome.

Andy Whitcombe

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@TomBascom Thanks very much; I persevered down the code route, just to dot the i's and cross the t's and look for something that was to older development standards.

I will work with the customer to retrieve the logs / core files from the server and submit to progress.